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Albert T Waldron Memorial Day Ride (UPDATE)

  I have booked cabins for me, my 3 boys, 2 of my grandsons, my brother & a nephew at the Hunt’s Lodge Motorcycle Campgrounds & Cabins for the nights of May 28 & 29, 2016. Just click on the link┬áso you can get yours booked. You will need to do it soon as all… Read more »

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Texarkana to Edison, NJ

OK, get this. The driver had an escort, Marty, set up in PA to do the route survey & run HP for PA & NJ. He also had called a guy that Marty recommended “in the Memphis area” to run rear car in TN, KY & WV. Tuesday, we sat in West Memphis till 1300… Read more »

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Getting back to blogging

As you can see if you look around this blog, I use to blog regularly. That is use to. I started this pack up because, now that I am back on the road as a pilot car, I might be able to educate people on driving around oversize loads and their pilot cars. Some days… Read more »