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The ongoing roof, insurance & mortgage company nightmare

I am at the the point of “what the fuck else if going to go wrong in my life.” Three months I have been trying to get my roof fixed & getting the run-around from the mortgage company on getting that done has become a total nightmare! Since dad passed away last year, this place… Read more »

Self Respect

Self respect (a little rant)

Recently I was told SEVERAL times that I have no respect for myself because my language is a “bit colorful” at times. I realize that I have a bold personality and am a bit rough around the edges when it comes to diplomacy, and that my language is not always “clean,” but really?! No respect… Read more »

Spreading some of dad's ashes on the Tail of the Dragon

Memorial ride for my dad

I should have made this post after the trip, but didn’t. I am not sure I can explain why I didn’t, just that I was not ready I guess. Not sure I am not, but today, I am missing him very much. So, I thought I would maybe a few others before the day is… Read more »

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Albert T Waldron Memorial Day Ride (UPDATE)

  I have booked cabins for me, my 3 boys, 2 of my grandsons, my brother & a nephew at the Hunt’s Lodge Motorcycle Campgrounds & Cabins for the nights of May 28 & 29, 2016. Just click on the link so you can get yours booked. You will need to do it soon as all… Read more »


My “Detaunte” (The greatest love & heartbreak)

  The definition of “detente” is “the easing of hostility or strained relations, especially between countries.” The definition of “taunt” is “to tease and excite.” The title of this post is a combination of these two words. It was done that way on purpose. Wether a cruel joke or just hidden multiple meanings, the man… Read more »

Bert, Dad, Cindy

Why Now?! ( still grieving)

I woke up this morning with dad on my mind. Maybe it’s the planning of the memorial ride in May that has him so close to the surface.  I really wish I had not gone into the hospital room and seen him that way. No matter what memory I have of him now, that vision… Read more »

Event Photo

Planning for the Memorial Ride For My Dad

I have been working on this trip/ride for months, but also avoiding it. This is not/is something I want to do, but yet, it is something feel I have to do. So, to deal with it, I have made it more into more than just a day to remember my Dad and spread a few… Read more »


The Day My Life Changed Forever

7 years ago today my life was changed forever when I took a little tumble off my loaded flatbed & shattered both my wrists. It took 3 years to fully heal & neither wrists healed right. The right has a 5% angle & the left a 10% angle. The doctor restricted me to lifting no… Read more »

I had Chris change the butte in the design to look like the ones we were standing in front of in Sedona, AZ.

Dad’s Memorial Tattoo (1st Session)

Chris at Eternal Expression Tattoos worked very hard on making this the perfect tribute to my Dad for me. Two weeks we talked back and forth through Facebook Messenger and phone calls. Each time he sent me a copy of the change, I sent it to my brother, Bert. We would talk about it and I… Read more »

  • A full moon always reminds me of that night...

    Toast to Buddy

    Tiger 6, We had some crazy great times together that I will never forget. I know my friends are sick of me telling the story of “standing on top of a loaded tanker in the middle of Baghdad with a lit cigarette in one hand & a drink in the other, drunk & howling at the… Read more »

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    Raise a glass & howl

    How fitting could this be?! As many of you know, I attended the memorial service for my friend, Buddy Baxter, last weekend in Arkansas. The loss of a loved one or a friend is hard to handle in most circumstances and even harder when that friend spent time with you in a combat zone. Then… Read more »

  • Me and Kenny in Baghdad

    Old Interview – People Speak Radio

    Talk about a blast from the past! Listen to this old interview my son, Kenny, & I did with People Speak Radio in 2008. People Speak Radio Interview

  • Bike packed and ready to ride to Arkansas for Buddy's Memorial service.

    Ride to Buddy’s Memorial

    As much as I loving riding my bike & going here, there & yon on it, this is a trip I wish I wasn’t making. Today I start the solemn ride to Newark, AR for the memorial service for my brother Iraq civilian contractor, Buddy Baxter. It is a painful journey, so please forgive me… Read more »

  • Cindy in Iraq: A Civilian's Year in the War Zone

    Google Books link

    I was looking for something else this morning when I found this online. I am sure the whole book isn’t there for you to read for free, but you can check out a few of the pages. Google books

  • Update on memorial for Buddy Baxter

    Just got this info from Buddy’s sister. This is Danita Lynn Carnett, Buddy’s big sister. His memorial is June 15, 2013 at 1200. the corrected address is 975 Holcombe Cemetery Road, Newark, AR 72562. Everyone is welcome to come. please share your memories with family and friends. There is a memorial fund set up for… Read more »

  • Buddy

    Memorial for Buddy Ray Baxter -Tiger 6

    This was posted on the Facebook Memorial for Buddy Baxter group Saturday June 15, 2013 12:00 noon. 107 Holcombe Cemetery Road Newark, AR 72562 Not sure on exact number of street but will verify tomorrow. I just wanted to post a time and date for those who are out of town that wish to come. Consider this… Read more »

  • 994149_10200960200080981_466473143_n

    Judge doubles Murray murder suspect’s bond to $200K

    MURRAY, Ky. – A judge increased the bond of a Murray woman charged with murder from $100,000 to $200,000. Michelle Baxter is accused of shooting her husband, Buddy Baxter, to death last week. A Marshall County man, Todd Freeman, also says she tried to kill him 15 years ago. Freeman says the bullet took his… Read more »

  • Buddy

    RIP Buddy Baxter

    I try to remember the first time I met Buddy, aka Tiger Six, but the memory slips my mind. But we were friends and I have other great memories of him. Buddy was full of shit most of the time, and like many others over there, always had some story to tell ya, some true… Read more »

  • More on Scott Bloch

    I don’t really have a lot of time this morning to ride out a long post. But I did want to get a couple links out to you. Maybe this time he will go to jail! I will try to write something out this evening on my opinions about all of this.