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The ongoing roof, insurance & mortgage company nightmare

I am at the the point of “what the fuck else if going to go wrong in my life.” Three months I have been trying to get my roof fixed & getting the run-around from the mortgage company on getting that done has become a total nightmare! Since dad passed away last year, this place… Read more »

Self Respect

Self respect (a little rant)

Recently I was told SEVERAL times that I have no respect for myself because my language is a “bit colorful” at times. I realize that I have a bold personality and am a bit rough around the edges when it comes to diplomacy, and that my language is not always “clean,” but really?! No respect… Read more »

Spreading some of dad's ashes on the Tail of the Dragon

Memorial ride for my dad

I should have made this post after the trip, but didn’t. I am not sure I can explain why I didn’t, just that I was not ready I guess. Not sure I am not, but today, I am missing him very much. So, I thought I would maybe a few others before the day is… Read more »

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Albert T Waldron Memorial Day Ride (UPDATE)

  I have booked cabins for me, my 3 boys, 2 of my grandsons, my brother & a nephew at the Hunt’s Lodge Motorcycle Campgrounds & Cabins for the nights of May 28 & 29, 2016. Just click on the link so you can get yours booked. You will need to do it soon as all… Read more »


My “Detaunte” (The greatest love & heartbreak)

  The definition of “detente” is “the easing of hostility or strained relations, especially between countries.” The definition of “taunt” is “to tease and excite.” The title of this post is a combination of these two words. It was done that way on purpose. Wether a cruel joke or just hidden multiple meanings, the man… Read more »

Bert, Dad, Cindy

Why Now?! ( still grieving)

I woke up this morning with dad on my mind. Maybe it’s the planning of the memorial ride in May that has him so close to the surface.  I really wish I had not gone into the hospital room and seen him that way. No matter what memory I have of him now, that vision… Read more »

Event Photo

Planning for the Memorial Ride For My Dad

I have been working on this trip/ride for months, but also avoiding it. This is not/is something I want to do, but yet, it is something feel I have to do. So, to deal with it, I have made it more into more than just a day to remember my Dad and spread a few… Read more »


The Day My Life Changed Forever

7 years ago today my life was changed forever when I took a little tumble off my loaded flatbed & shattered both my wrists. It took 3 years to fully heal & neither wrists healed right. The right has a 5% angle & the left a 10% angle. The doctor restricted me to lifting no… Read more »

I had Chris change the butte in the design to look like the ones we were standing in front of in Sedona, AZ.

Dad’s Memorial Tattoo (1st Session)

Chris at Eternal Expression Tattoos worked very hard on making this the perfect tribute to my Dad for me. Two weeks we talked back and forth through Facebook Messenger and phone calls. Each time he sent me a copy of the change, I sent it to my brother, Bert. We would talk about it and I… Read more »

  • Design for Dad's memorial tattoo

    Memorial Tattoo Design for Dad 

      I have been working with a tattoo artist to design a memorial tattoo for dad. Everything in the tattoo represents something of his life or my relationship with him.     Statue of Liberty: I believe dad had been to the Statue of Liberty before we went on our big cross-country trip in 2010…. Read more »

  • How Dad solved his helmet problems.

    Loosing Dad (Your not supposed to be gone yet!)

    At the age of 72 my Dad was still riding his motorcycle. He could not ride all the way across country any more because of his health, but he still rode the Eastern side of the US. The last week of July was supposed to be my yearly motorcycle vacation. This year was going to… Read more »

  • video

    Memorial Video for Dad

    Here is the Memorial video I made for my Dad. Creating this video helped me remember some really great memories I had with him. It was really hard to narrow it down to these few and I probably put more in there than I should have. Though there were tears as I picked each photo and… Read more »

  • Bert, Dad, Cindy

    I MUST get rid of this CRAP! (Is This Part of Grief?)

    Do you ever think about all the crap you have hidden away in your house that someone is going to have to deal with if something happens to you? The clothes you have outgrown, the boxes you didn’t get around to unpacking the last time you moved, the keepsakes that you bought on a trip… Read more »

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    Trucker’s Riding Club is Reborn

    After much thought & many conversations, Ann, Dan & I have decided that since the 3 of us own the 2 logos created for Trucker’s Riding Club, have sunk our own money, time & effort into it, & that Jaremy seems to be only trying to line his pockets, we would bring it back to… Read more »

  • vermilyea copyright

    The Passing of a Member & Copyright Infringement (Trucker’s Riding Club/TRC)

      Not to long ago I made a post about Trucker’s Riding Club. (you can read it here) The saga goes on. Jaremy J Lee continues to try to screw over current and former member. The fact that one of the TRC “members” passed away a few days ago and I can NOT find anything on… Read more »

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       I am escorting a guy today that was in Afghanistan in 2007 & 2008. While waiting on a tire guy to get here, we get to talking about being overseas. He asked about my time in Iraq & if we had up-armor. When I told him no, gave him my dates over there &… Read more »

  • american-confederate-flags

    Guns, the American & Confederate Flags, Gay Marriage & All the other BS

      I have made several statements on my Facebook page on all these subjects as they have come up. One of which has apparently been removed by the Facebook politically correct police. So I am going to bring my “controversal” thoughts, feeling and beliefs in to one posts that can be shared over and over,… Read more »

  • Deen & Tate End of Watch Ride

    Deen & Tate End of Watch Ride

      I spent all last evening, finding the poem, finding the music and editing this video. I hope that it is a fitting tribute to Officers Benjamin Deen & Liquori Tate. Officers Deen & Tate lost their lives May 9, 2015 in Hattiesburg, MS while making a traffic stop. This benefit ride for their families was… Read more »

  • TRC has NO Honor, Respect or Integrity. They only want your hard earned money.

    Trucker’s Riding Club (My Experience as Founder & FORMER Member)

    On August 8, 2014, Jaremy J Lee, Joel Russell and I left another trucker/biker group, 18 Wheels Motorcycle Association, and formed Trucker’s Riding Club. This sudden exit from 18WheelsMA was a bit abrupt and kind of forced on Joel and me by Jaremy. Yes, we had been talking about leaving and starting something that was… Read more »