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The ongoing roof, insurance & mortgage company nightmare

I am at the the point of “what the fuck else if going to go wrong in my life.” Three months I have been trying to get my roof fixed & getting the run-around from the mortgage company on getting that done has become a total nightmare! Since dad passed away last year, this place… Read more »

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The Day My Life Changed Forever

7 years ago today my life was changed forever when I took a little tumble off my loaded flatbed & shattered both my wrists. It took 3 years to fully heal & neither wrists healed right. The right has a 5% angle & the left a 10% angle. The doctor restricted me to lifting no… Read more »

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Memorial for Buddy Ray Baxter -Tiger 6

This was posted on the Facebook Memorial for Buddy Baxter group Saturday June 15, 2013 12:00 noon. 107 Holcombe Cemetery Road Newark, AR 72562 Not sure on exact number of street but will verify tomorrow. I just wanted to post a time and date for those who are out of town that wish to come. Consider this… Read more »

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RIP Buddy Baxter

I try to remember the first time I met Buddy, aka Tiger Six, but the memory slips my mind. But we were friends and I have other great memories of him. Buddy was full of shit most of the time, and like many others over there, always had some story to tell ya, some true… Read more »