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Planning for the Memorial Ride For My Dad

I have been working on this trip/ride for months, but also avoiding it. This is not/is something I want to do, but yet, it is something feel I have to do. So, to deal with it, I have made it more into more than just a day to remember my Dad and spread a few… Read more »

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Trucker’s Riding Club is Reborn

After much thought & many conversations, Ann, Dan & I have decided that since the 3 of us own the 2 logos created for Trucker’s Riding Club, have sunk our own money, time & effort into it, & that Jaremy seems to be only trying to line his pockets, we would bring it back to… Read more »

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Deen & Tate End of Watch Ride

  I spent all last evening, finding the poem, finding the music and editing this video. I hope that it is a fitting tribute to Officers Benjamin Deen & Liquori Tate. Officers Deen & Tate lost their lives May 9, 2015 in Hattiesburg, MS while making a traffic stop. This benefit ride for their families was… Read more »

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Trucker’s Riding Club (My Experience as Founder & FORMER Member)

On August 8, 2014, Jaremy J Lee, Joel Russell and I left another trucker/biker group, 18 Wheels Motorcycle Association, and formed Trucker’s Riding Club. This sudden exit from 18WheelsMA was a bit abrupt and kind of forced on Joel and me by Jaremy. Yes, we had been talking about leaving and starting something that was… Read more »

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Kentucky Motorcycle Vacation July 26 to 31, 2015

Family and friends, new and old, come join me in the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest for a week of riding, camaraderie and fun.We will be camping at  Falls Creek Cabins & Campgrounds. I have reserved D2 campsite for 5 night starting July 26th and it will hold up to 6 people. I will be trailering… Read more »

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18 Wheels MA and Bikes, Blues & BBQ

  I joined a trucker/biker group called 18 Wheel Motorcycle Association in August. They had their first “Meet and Greet” during the “Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally” and I rode up. I love the reaction people have when they see a woman riding on a motorcycle by herself. I had a woman walk up to… Read more »

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The Mile Marker Ahead

Twin ribbons of asphalt and concrete stretch as far in front of me as it does behind. No matter if on two, four or 18 wheels, the open road is my first, best, one true love. It is my adventure, my peace of mind, my safe haven. The windshield is the movie screen of my… Read more »

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OUT NOW: RDOH in Feb 2010 Issue of “Biker”

The February issue of Easy Rider’s “BIKER” magazine is out now. If you do not have a regular subscription to the magazine, you can order a copy of this issue only, at this link: “BIKER“. I am ordering mine today! We have had one person make a comment about the article and he says it is great…. Read more »

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Road Dogs on Hogs: Old School Camaraderie is Back!

Road Dogs on Hogs at Crazy Horse Remember the days of standing in line to call your dispatcher, your partner back home, and your friends? Remember meeting other drivers at the truck stop restaurant, and later hoping that you would run into them again because they were interesting and you would like to become friends?… Read more »