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I drove a big rig across the U.S. for twelve years before venturing on a one-year contract in 2003 with KBR in Iraq. I became a civilian convoy commander in charge of up to thirty truck delivering supplies to American bases throughout the war-torn country. After seven months back in the U.S., I returned to Kuwait and Iraq driving for IAP in the HET division and then PWC delivering the mail to the troops. I came home in May 2006 to do publicity for my book, “Cindy in Iraq: A Civilian’s Year in the War Zone.”

From my time in Iraq

From my time in Iraq

When I came home from Iraq I found that many civilian contractors that had been injured were not being taken care of. Many had physical wounds and many others suffered from PTSD. Along with several contractor friends and their families, I set out to try to help these men and women. Here are a few of the stories that I was mentioned in as well as a couple of videos of the TV stories that aired.

Arkansas Truck Driver Dodges Bullets in Iraq ~
Truck Driver Risks Life as Iraqi Contractor ~
CBSNEWS – Contractors In Iraq Are Targets For Attack ~
Radio show ~ The Morning Show on KPFA ~
Dan Rather Reports ~
CBS Shadow Army ~
Keesler Officials Open Gates to Military Bloggers ~

In November 2008, I had a devastating on the job injury. Falling from the top of a loaded flatbed from nine feet up, head first onto asphalt, I severely shattered both wrists; thus ending an 18 year truck driving career. But true to my nature and philosophy of being a survivor and not a victim, when the doctors told me I was done driving the roads of America, I struck out on my own and started my own business, White Rose Pilot Car Service.

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