I am at the the point of “what the fuck else if going to go wrong in my life.” Three months I have been trying to get my roof fixed & getting the run-around from the mortgage company on getting that done has become a total nightmare!

Since dad passed away last year, this place has done nothing but cause me greif. I called the mortgage company & notified them of dad’s death. The guy I talked to told me that I could not assume the loan, that I did not need to send them a copy of dad’s death certificate & that as long as the payments were made everything would be fine. The a few months ago I discover roof damage. I call the insurance company and they send an adjuster out. He talks a look and tells me that they will cover the roof, but not the rotten wood. UGH! So I get a contractor lined up while I wait for the check to come in. When it does, it is made out to “The Estate of Albert Waldron & Seterus, Inc.” 

With a job that keeps me on the road so much dealing with crap is not an easy thing to do. I can’t just pick up the phone and make a call to them while Inam working. My job requires that I have to keep comunication with the driver I am escorting. But I finaly get time while dead heading home to makenthe call. The guy I talk to tells me that I need to get the insurance company to reissue the check in my name, send Seterus a copy of dad’s death certificate and that Seterus will send me letter stating that I have been added to the account. I wait a weeknwaiting for this letter so I can send it to the adjuster. When I finally get something from them it is the regular monthly bill statement. I call them again. I talk to a different person. This person informs me that I can’t just be added to the accoun.  Also, that I need to send the check to them to endorce and send back to me. So, I get the address so I can overnight it to them and wait.

I get with the contractor, tell them what is going on and that I should have it soon. Since I am on the road & can’t just write them a check, I set up a “bill pay” to them from my bank for $2,500 so they can get started on the roof while I wait for the insurance check to come back. A week after I overnighted the insurance check to the mortgage comapny I call to make sure that they have gotten it, endorced it and have sent it back. I talk to another person and she informs me that that is not how it works. She tells me that they will not send it back to me. That they will pay my contractor directly. She give me the number to their Properity Loss Dept and tells me to call them to see if they got the check. I hange up and call that number. 

The woman I tallk to tells me that they received the check but returned it through snail mail because I did not send the insurance adjuster’s statement showing that the damage was less than $3,000. I lost it on that woman! I told her about all the run-around Inhave been getting. She informs me that since the damage was less than $10,000 for me to send them the check back along with the adjusters statement and that they will just endorce the check and send it back. 

Skip forward  1 1/2 weekd & I called to make sure that they have received the checked a second time and that they got the faxed paperwork that they needed. I am informed that they did not receive the paperwork. I chat with the woman while I send it again through a app on my phone that will fax. Later that afternoon I received a call from another woman that tells me that they got the paperwork and that I will have to send the check to them a third time. When I heard this, I went ballistic! I asked her if they knew how to dunk a goddamn phone! Apparently they do not have any customer service and ask her why, when they got the check ready second time, and no paperwork, did they not pick the phone up and call me? The woman tried to call me down but I was having none of it. This roof and this house has been nothing but a pain in my ass since dad passed away. If it wasn’t for the fact of the money that dad and I would lose, I would let them have it! I am so sick of dealing with their stupid asses. It has been over a year since dad passed away and these idiots still cannot tell me everything I need to know in one phone call. They also, apparently has no one in customer service that knows how to dial a phone. It is enough to drive someone to having to wear a little hug me jacket and live in a rubber room.

Written by WhiteRose

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