Spreading some of dad's ashes on the Tail of the Dragon

Spreading some of dad’s ashes on the Tail of the Dragon

I should have made this post after the trip, but didn’t. I am not sure I can explain why I didn’t, just that I was not ready I guess. Not sure I am not, but today, I am missing him very much. So, I thought I would maybe a few others before the day is done.

Memorial Day Weekend, my brother, Bert, one of my cousins, Sonya, and her husband, Brian, took a trip to the Tail of the Dragon & Cherohola Skyway to ride in honor of my dad and to spread some of his ashes. I say some of his ashes because I have decided that I didn’t want to spread them all there. My dad loved to ride all over the Country and I feel that he might like the idea of me taking a few ashes with me each year when I make my yearly motorcycle trip. I can put a few in places, on roads that were some of his favorite and I can take him on roads that he may have never ridden. Beside, one of the hardest things for me is the thought that I will never get to ride with him and see him in the rear view mirror of my bike ever again. I know this is not the same, but in a way, I do still have him with me, riding with me. Good or bad, healthy or not, this is how I am dealing with it right now.

Below you will find a little slideshow of some of the photos from that trip.


Heading out Cindy & Sonya Cindy, Sonya & Brian Cindy Beer! Cletus! All of us Cindy's cabin Sonya, Bert & Cindy Bert & Cindy ridng together Brother & sister riding Sonya & Brian Bert  Cindy, Bert, Brian & Sonya Sonya & Cindy  Cindy & Dragon  Ashes in the wind  Cindy   Bert   Bert & Cindy   Bert & Cindy  Cindy  Bert  Cabin
Heading out
Cindy leaving MS



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