After much thought & many conversations, Ann, Dan & I have decided that since the 3 of us own the 2 logos created for Trucker’s Riding Club, have sunk our own money, time & effort into it, & that Jaremy seems to be only trying to line his pockets, we would bring it back to what it was meant to be in the beginning. Driver/riders finding the best motorcycle roads & bringing drivers with a common interest & passion together to ride them.

There will be no dues, there will be no back patches, there will be no bylaws, there will be no officers, there will be no BS! Truckers Riding Club is not a “club” as defined in the biker world. It is more of a social portal to facilitate driver/riders in meeting other people to ride with in their region and take an adventure to a different part of the United States each year to discover the best roads to ride. At a later date, we may decide to make a 4 x 4 patch out of each logo design for people to wear on their vest so that they will recognize each other on the road. Please understand, there will be no big back patches! Ever!
The 3 of us have put up a new website, Trucker’s Riding Club, as well as set up a Facebook group & page

And yes, we have a fully functioning website. We know that many of you have been waiting for months for Jaremy to get more than a picture slide show up of a bunch of cars and big trucks on the website that he started months ago. We know that many of y’all have been wanting to do rides and gatherings and meet each other. And we understand that it’s hard to do when nearly all of the upper leadership, including the president and vice president, either do not have a motorcycle at all or theirs is broke down and has been for an extremely long time. We understand that what he is doing is dying a long slow death.

Our website is fully functioning and has more than just a picture slideshow. 



We explain who we are, our mission, where we came from and have actual riding video shot from the handlebars of our motorcycles. There is no doubt that the people running Truckers Riding Club now, have a passion for riding and do it as much as possible.

So we invite you to come check us out. And look at the website, watch the videos, and join us in our Facebook group and get to know us!

Because, for us, it’s about the camaraderie of new and old friends, the Honor, Respect and Integrity that we should all have for each other out here on the road. 

And it’s about the riding!

Written by WhiteRose

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