I have made several statements on my Facebook page on all these subjects as they have come up. One of which has apparently been removed by the Facebook politically correct police. So I am going to bring my “controversal” thoughts, feeling and beliefs in to one posts that can be shared over and over, again and again, every time they remove it. But before I do, I want to make a few things clear.


women gunsI am a gun-toting, motorcycle riding, straight, single, white, American, female that was born, raised and lived most of my life in the South. I have several preachers in my family and grew up with God in the house. I had a crisis of “faith” that started with my 1st divorce and I am not sure that I am over it yet. I have friends that are gay, straight, of various colors of skin, have different religious beliefs and from many different Nations. I have traveled and lived in countries other than the United States. My family history has MANY members that have served in all branches of the military and fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq wars as well as have been deployed to many countries in times of peace. I was a truck driver for 18 years and have driven in all lower 48 states and parts of Canada. I have also been to Alaska, Kuwait, Iraq, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, Bahrain, and Dubai. I tell you all of this so that you know that I am not one of those people who have never left my home state or county. I have experienced many things, seen many things and done many things. I realize that there is a lot that I have not done, or seen, but I am not totally uninformed or inexperienced.


Just so ya know, I am not compromising & not asking anyone else to. I am just voicing my opinion. I respect anyones opinion that is different from mine. My middle son believes that same-sex marriage is a sin. I don’t love him any less for that. I love him even more because in an age where having that opinion is not popular, he is not afraid to voice it. He doesn’t force his Christian beliefs on others, but he does try to spread the “Word of God” in a loving, informative manner.  He isn’t a hate monger or homophobic. He is just a man with strong Christian beliefs and does his best to live by them. My oldest son is just the opposite. He says that he is agnostic, but leans toward the Christian side of things. Living in a small town in the Bible belt and being agnostic is not an easy thing to do, especially if you voice it. He often comes home from the corner store or town upset that someone has tried to PUSH their Christian beliefs and judgements on him. Instead of coming at him with love and understanding, they badger and judge him. It is sad that the only way to stop this kind of treatment is for him to keep his mouth shut and walk out. Another sad thing is that I make excuses for these people. I tell him that they are either hypocrites or have never had a crisis of faith. If they had ever had a crisis of faith, they would be more understanding and know that it takes time to find it again, if you ever do. My youngest son has bounced around on the subject of faith at times. But I see him get put off and angry when people that he knows very well try to tell him that the Christian religion is the only way he should live his life when they are blatantly sinning every day. To say that I am very proud of all 3 of my son would be an understatement. They are all three different in so many ways and different in their beliefs. Like me, most of the time, they do not have a problem voicing their opinions and beliefs, BUT, I can say that I never seen them try to force their beliefs on someone else. For that, I am extremely proud of them.


I learned the hard way when I went to Iraq that the main stream media has an agenda of its own & I try to not listen to them. More & more I find that I don’t fit in anywhere in the political fields. For several years I have tried to stay quiet on a lot of the political BS. But as I said, I am sick if it. I am beginning to think that maybe people like me are part of the problem. We don’t want to get caught up in the political BS and just want to live our lives as we see fit. When I went to Iraq in support of our troops I had the belief that one person could make a difference. I believed in the ripple effect. But over time, I lost that belief. For those that followed me back then, read my book or personally know me, you know that I have fought for things before. I have been called names, run down, fired, and even had people tell me that they wished I was dead or had died over there. So I became quite in public. My close friends knew how I felt or believed about certain things, but other than that, I didn’t voice them. But, I think it is time that people like me find a voice & shout to any and all that we are fed up with the world acting like squabbling kindergarten kids on the playground. This is getting out of hand & someone needs to be a voice of reason.


Our constitution is being trampled on. Religion, guns, as well as several other freedoms are being thrown out the window. I am so sick & tired of all the hate in the world, the overstepping of our government, a judgmental society, and those that think we all must believe as they do or we are going to “hell” or should die. I realize that it was very different time when our Constitution was written, but the basic rights spelled out in it are the same.

I have said this before, no, I don’t agree with liberals, conservatives or any other political party. I really don’t fit any of them. I am a firm believer that most politicians are just a bunch of crooks, liars and egomaniacs. Even if they do some from a blue-collar background, they forget it after a few years in politics. Those that do stick to their guns and have some integrity about themselves do not stay in office very long. So they compromise where they stand on the issues. 


RebflagRMost Southerners were raised to have a sense of pride in being from the South. Though other regions of the Country may have some sense of pride and unity for being from their region, I don’t think any have the sense of unity and pride that Southerners do. I see the Confederate Flag (that people are most familiar with) as a symbol of the south. Not all that other BS. I was not there when the Civil War was fought, none of us were. I could go on and on about how Africans were selling their own people as slaves and still do today, but I wont. There have always been people who do bad things to other people and there always will be. I realize that many people contribute this version of the Confederate Battle Flag to slavery, but it is just one of the many flags that was used by the Confederacy. Do they see them all that way, or just this one? What about these?

confederate flags

Just a few of the flags used by the Confederacy


303HIPCF9MM9DI love my hand guns, shot guns & rifles. They feed me & protect me. Growing up in rural Arkansas, I was in the woods hunting at the age of 9 and fishing before that. Hunting and fishing were how we fed the family and is still how I supplement the groceries that I have to buy each year. As for the handguns, I carry. I have a 9mm that I keep in Ole Blue at all times. Seeing what I have seen and going some of the places I go now, staying in some of the hotels I have to stay in some times, I am not leaving the house without one. I don’t want my family to have to read a headline saying, “Woman found in hotel room dead.”


I feel very strong that the American Flag should be respected by any and all that enjoy the freedoms it represents or use to represent. This goes hand in hand with our military. When people stomp or burn the Flag of the United States, they are disrespecting every man and woman who has stood the line and fought for our rights and freedoms. On this one, I have a harsh feeling about it. If you really think that the American Flag represents racism, inequality, freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, and all other rights, freedoms and liberties afforded to us as citizens of this Country, then pack your crap and get the hell out!

One of the founding issues of this Country was freedom of religion. No where does it say Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other. I believe that if a religion believes a certain way, the government should not tell them what to do unless it is inhumane or cruel. There is supposed to be a separation of Church & State. No, the 10 Commandments should not be on any government building. But also, the government should not be forcing them to do things that are against their religion.  As for the businesses, I have not made up my mind on that yet. I can see both sides of the argument. I do lean toward the fact that it is a business and you opened it to make money, so go make money. But for me, if they don’t want my business, I don’t want them to have my hard-earned money.

Now here is something to think about. We all look to the stars and wonder what is out there. Some say there has to be other life out there and other say we, on this planet, are the only ones. For the sake or argument, lets say there is other intelligent being out there. If you were looking at the people of this planet and how we have treated each other, would you want to meet us? I would stay as far away as I could.


To bad we have not really expanded in to space enough to just pack up & leave the planet. I am so fed up with it that I would not only leave this Country that I love, I would leave this planet for the farthest colony. But if we all ran away from this screwed up planet because we were tired of the stupid people running the governments of the countries we live in and all the hate, there would be no one left.  So I wont be booking a ticket to the first star to the left just yet. I will be standing up and try to be a voice of reason. Because I look to the future lives of my 5 grand-babies and I want something better for them.

Written by WhiteRose

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