I spent all last evening, finding the poem, finding the music and editing this video. I hope that it is a fitting tribute to Officers Benjamin Deen & Liquori Tate.

Officers Deen & Tate lost their lives May 9, 2015 in Hattiesburg, MS while making a traffic stop. This benefit ride for their families was held June 20, 2015. Around 550 bikes with riders from 3 states participated in the 70 mile ride that was lined by people in honor of the Officers.

Video shot by Cindy Morgan
Music: “To Fall Without Landing” by ‘It May Never End.’ http://www.last.fm/music/it+may+never+end/_/To+Fall+Without+Landing
Poem: “The Finial Inspection” by ‘Author Unkown’ http://www.policepoems.com/FinalInspection.htm

Written by WhiteRose

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