Being such a BIG fan of Doctor Who for so many years, when I found that there was a screening party I did my best to make sure I was there for it. I had a load that I was escorting and it was running late. I was really pressed for time. I made it to the MS/LA line and rushed back to Gulfport! Of course, I asked if they knew how to make a Sonic Screwdriver drink…they didn’t. But I pulled up it up on my iPhone and they made it.


Sonic screwdriver drink

We watched the 50th Anniversary Special and loved seeing 10 and 11 together and meeting the War Doctor.


They were doing a raffle and I decided that I would buy $40 worth of tickets. I didn’t really expect to win anything. They were raffling off a 1/2 scale TARDIS and I figured everyone would be buying lots of tickets.

But guess what…

I won the 1/2 scale TARDIS!

Written by WhiteRose

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