Sunrise in the rear view

Sunrise in the rear view

I joined a trucker/biker group called 18 Wheel Motorcycle Association in August. They had their first “Meet and Greet” during the “Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally” and I rode up.

I love the reaction people have when they see a woman riding on a motorcycle by herself. I had a woman walk up to me and tell me that I looked really comfortable on my bike. She asked me if I was afraid to be out on my own like this. I chuckled and told her “aw heck no. My bike has over 100,000 miles on it and I have been in 39 different states on it.” She was amazed, wished me a safe ride, and we went our separate ways.

I stopped in Helena and saw 3 of my grand-babies.

Me & Derrick

Me & Derrick

Me & Jacob

Me &

Me & Jada

Me & Jada

And I had breakfast with my middle boy, Ian, before heading on up to BB&B.


I have ridden the Pig Trail from North to South. So I rode it South to North on my way up. I got to the “official” camp grounds that we were supposed to be staying and it seemed that I was the only one camping there. I spent the first night, after setting up my tent, with Gary & Cindy Luper. They invited me out to their house so that I would not be in the DARK campgrounds alone. I think I only spent 2 nights in my tent during the time I was there.

I fast felt that I did not fit in with this group. Everyone stayed at hotel or at home instead of us all camping together. That is not something I am use to. Most of the biker/riders that I hang out with would have pitched a tent and enjoyed getting to know each other around a camp fire each night as we planned the ride for the next day…no matter how close or far away they lived. Except for the ride we did down to Devil’s Den, that riding was slim to none and we never rode east of US71. For me, going up there was not only to meet other members of the MA, but to also ride the Ozark Mountains. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with the riding.

I did have ONE night that a few came out to the campgrounds. But after a while,  everyone else went home, to a hotel room or to someones else’s house. I want to thank everyone for coming out to visit my little campsite. That day and evening is what it is all about…meeting and making new friends, great riding, getting to know other people with the same lifestyle and understanding, and the camaraderie that is made sitting around a campfire and telling “you ain’t gonna believe this shit” stories. I really enjoyed the day and had hoped that I would started feeling like I was really a part of the group, but by the end of the week, I wasn’t sure I should remain a member. I don’t really consider myself a “biker” by a biker’s definition. But compaired to most of these guys, I am hard core! LOL!

But, enough of that. here are a few pictures from the 4 days I was there.

Me & Harley Ready to roll Basecamp Patch & Bike Group Ride Group Ride Group Ride Sunrise in the rear view Sunrise in the mirror Group Ride Group Ride  Group Ride   Group Ride   Group Ride   Devil's Den   Camp   Camp   Camp   Camp  Camp  Camp    Camp    My fire  ready to ride  IMG_4296    5 States  Clinton Snacks  18 Wheels MA  Riding  Riding  Riding  Bike Parade  Bike Parade  Bike Parade  Bike Parade Bike Parade 18 WheelMA Dinner 18 WheelMA Dinner 18WheelsMA Bike Packed
Me and Harley

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