A full moon always reminds me of that night...

A full moon always reminds me of that night…

Tiger 6, 
We had some crazy great times together that I will never forget. I know my friends are sick of me telling the story of “standing on top of a loaded tanker in the middle of Baghdad with a lit cigarette in one hand & a drink in the other, drunk & howling at the moon at midnight.” Everyone I tell it to thinks we are freaking NUTS & I laugh at them. (I don’t tell all of them that we were in the middle of BIAP & somewhat protected. Shhhh, our little secret!) That night, what I remember of it, is one of my fondest memories from being over there. It is also why, after all that I have been through at the hands of a man, that I still have a little faith in the goodness of men. Thank you for being you. Thank you for showing me that not all men are pigs. Thank you for having my back! I love & miss you brother.

(Hope you forgive me for the tears running down my face this one last time.)


Written by WhiteRose

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