How fitting could this be?!

As many of you know, I attended the memorial service for my friend, Buddy Baxter, last weekend in Arkansas. The loss of a loved one or a friend is hard to handle in most circumstances and even harder when that friend spent time with you in a combat zone. Then you add the fact that it was a tragic, violent death on top of it and it can send your world into a tailspin.

One of my fondest, but the memories of Buddy was in Baghdad in 2005. While standing on the hillside watching his family spread his ashes at the memorial service, I made Buddy a promise. Bed on the first full moon that came up, I would find something very high and raise a glass/bottle to him and remember the good times.

Not only is tonight a full moon, but it is a super, supermoon and I think it is very fitting. A supermoon for a super guy! So tonight at midnight, while I sit in the night time heat of Perryron, TX, I will raise a glass of Jack to my friend, Buddy Baxter and howl at the moon as we did that night in Baghdad.

Just about everyone has been touched by the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Seems like we all have known somebody, soldier or civilian, that has been there at least once, if not more. For those of us that went, soldier and civilian, we came home changed in some way. So I ask you to join me. It doesn’t have to be at midnight. But I ask you to step outside, when the moon is high, raise a glass and howl at the moon in their honor.


Written by WhiteRose


Sue Dills

Never knew Buddy but he must of been a hell of a man. All who fight for our country are to be bless and need our love. Yes I will howl and have a drink for Buddy and all the easyriders. Love you all and what you did for us. God Bless America

Barbara Dill

Cindy, We’ve never met. But I enjoy reading your adventures on FB. My husband was in Iraq. He came home mentally ill and took his own life. He was a good man, normal, had issues like everyone else. That was before he left. The man that came home looked like him, but it wasn’t the person I had known for 25 years. I will raise my glass high to the moon to honor you, Buddy, and everyone who served over there. God Bless you all!


Being “over there” changed all of us. I am very sorry for your double loss. (I hope you know what I mean by the double loss.) Tonight I toasted my friend, but I also toast to all that have “been there & done that” and are no longer with us, for whatever reason. My prayers are with you Barbara.


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