Bike packed and ready to ride to Arkansas for Buddy's Memorial service.

Bike packed and ready to ride to Arkansas for Buddy’s Memorial service.

As much as I loving riding my bike & going here, there & yon on it, this is a trip I wish I wasn’t making. Today I start the solemn ride to Newark, AR for the memorial service for my brother Iraq civilian contractor, Buddy Baxter. It is a painful journey, so please forgive me if my post the next few days are not as upbeat as usual.

Thank you for the love & support some of you have shown toward me & the family. I know I have worn out the phone line & the ears of a couple of you.

I do have one request & I hope that some don’t take this wrong. On Saturday, at noon, would you please just turn on you headlights for an hour in Buddy’s honor.

Let me explain why…

For those of us that worked in Iraq & were out side the wire on a daily basis, there is a bond parallel to that the troops have. Yes, we did a job. We supported the troops. Some of you may think it was just for the money, but let me tell you this. The first time you are shot at, if you stay, it is not all about the money any more. There comes a sense of duty, of pride & honor in making sure our troops have what they need. But when we come home broken or worse, the is no fanfare and there is no help.

The life style and the adrenaline rush is addictive. Whereas the troops are limited in their deployment time, the civilian contractor is not. Some contractors only do a year. Many others do more. I was there for there better part of 3 years, Buddy was there for around 10.

So again I ask you to turn on your headlights for an hour at noon central time in honor of my friend & brother contractor.

Written by WhiteRose


Janice Hogan

I’m so sorry for your loss; you and your family are in my prayers. My son served 2 terms in Iraq; the last one he was injured but at least he is a live. I’m proud of all of you. Your brother is in the arms of Jesus now. Again , all of uoj are in my prayers. God Bless You. And have a safe trip.


I am so sorry for your loss. Headlights on for Buddy! God bless you, your family and your friends who are doing this service for our country.


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