OK, get this. The driver had an escort, Marty, set up in PA to do the route survey & run HP for PA & NJ. He also had called a guy that Marty recommended “in the Memphis area” to run rear car in TN, KY & WV. Tuesday, we sat in West Memphis till 1300 waiting for a Memphis city permit. When the driver called the other escort to tell him we had the permit & was ready to roll, he said the car would be there shortly. 15 mins later the driver called the escort again and found out that the car was 1 1/2 to 2 hours away. The driver got pissed. Asked me to ask Ms Pat if she could get someone there sooner. She did & he cancelled the other car.

Yesterday afternoon the driver tells me that even though Marty has known for 7 days that we were coming he still does not have the route survey done so no PA permit yet. By the time we get here to Jane Lew, WV, the driver tells me that the states of PA laughed at the route survey submitted & was told to pick a different route. From here, there are only a couple of ways to run to Edison, NJ.

I79 to I68 to I81 to I78…..


I79 to I80…


I79 to I68 and over to Baltimore and up.

Now, if we have to run MD, they take about 7 to 10 days to get a permit. The driver is supposed to deliver Monday. So that won’t work. That only leaves running up to I80. To get PA to issue him a permit to run I80, he has to get permission slips from every construction site along I80 saying it is ok for him to go through them. Guess who gets to chase all that down? No, not Marty, the person that is supposed to be getting paid to run the route survey….Yes, the drivers office…which is in CA!

Now, I have been running as high pole car since Texarkana. When we get to PA, I was supposed to move to the back and let Marty run pole car. My drive is so pissed that he told me and the other escort that he is not sure that he wants Marty to run pole. Heck, he isn’t even sure he wants Marty as an escort at all.

So, here we sit in Jane Lew, WV waiting. Waiting to see what is going to happen; what route we are going to run; who is going to run what…..UGH! What a mess!

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