I know that I don’t usually get into this kind of stuff and I have backed off the contractors issues, but this one I just have to speak out about and ask some questions. A friend of mine was posting about now DBA lawyer Scott Bloch, who is the former head of the Office of Special Council. She had a few links to on-line articles about Mr Bloch. One of those links was to the court case USA v. Scott Bloch (D.D.C. 2013). The reason she had this link up was in conjunction to the fact that Mr Bloch was a lawyer on  First Amended Complaint_Brink et al v. Xe Holding LLC et al which was dismissed back in January. She had noticed something a bit strange. Everyone that worked for Halliburton/KBR in Iraq knows that their checks are from Service Employers International Inc (SEII). This complaint names many, many companies, but leaves out SEII. She, like me, asked the question as to why SEII was not a defendant. We have learned over the years that there is much confusion as to who these contractor should sue in their cases, Halliburton or KBR or SEII. But to be on the safe side, wouldn’t you add SEII, just to have all the basis covered.

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One person that should know all of this is Marcie Clark, she endorsees Scott Bloch on her website. The screenshot above was taken this afternoon. Besides being a plaintiff in the case, and the owner of several websites also dedicated to the struggles of the contractors, she is the wife of a former contractor. Shouldn’t she know that SEII should have been named? In my personal opinion, I don’t see how a DBA lawyer in conjunction with the wife of a former contractor who is dedicated to helping other contractors could miss listing the biggest employer of civilian contractors in Iraq! Is this another one of Mr Bloch’s antics? According to the whistle blower case that he is waiting to be sentenced on in May, he has destroyed evidence before. Also, If you look at the screen shot above that I took this afternoon, you will see that she asks the question, “Is your DBA lawyer working in your best interest?’

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As you can see in the photo above, if you Google Scott Bloch, there are many, many links to him on the net. It takes a bit of effort to sift through all this stuff on-line. It is a matter of following all the links and having time to do so. You click this link to go to that link, which has many links to choose from to follow the progression of these cases, who is involved and what is happening with them. For me, it is overwhelming. This is day 2 for me and I am still finding stuff I have not read already. All I have done yesterday and today is click  a link, read, click another link, read, click another link, read…you get the idea. A few days ago, I found this: Scott Bloch Threatens to Sue His Critics by Julia Davis with this picture of the last page of a letter.

bloch letter

Credit: Julia Davis Photography

I was upset and called my friend. I asked her if this was her letter.  I tried to tell her that I don’t see how he could legally do anything since all she was doing was reposting stuff that she found on other websites and the links to them.  I was on the road and I didn’t have time to go to her site and look at what she had posted. Yesterday, since I didn’t have a load to escort, I decided that I would try running all this down. I was curious as to why Scott Bloch would be so worried about and scared of someone putting links about him all in one place. The more I read, the more I got it. Things are spread all over the net and unless you are good enough and have time enough to trace it all down, you will never see the big picture.

Then I got up this morning and started doing some more clicking and reading. I went back to Julia’s site and found this: Disgraced Former Head of OSC Caught in Another Charade. Preston Wheeler was in a very deadly convoy ambush in Iraq in 2005. I decided that since Preston and his lawyer Gary Pitts had sent Scott Bloch a letter asking him to remove Preston’s photos from his site, I would go and take a screen shot of it so that you could read what he has there.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 6.22.26 AM

Then I got to looking and reading. Right next to Preston’s photos were photos of John Woodson. Now, I know for a fact that back in 2007, Toby Cole was John’s lawyer because John was at the PTSD conference in Knoxville, TN that several former contractors attended. I was one of them. Dan Rather even did a special report on it and interviewed many of us, John and I being just 2 of the several they talked to that day. After seeing the Mr Bloch had used Preston’s photos without his permission and made it to look like he was representing him, I wondered if he had done the same to John. I have lost track of John Woodson in the years since then, but believe me, I will be looking for him and asking him if he changed lawyers.

It doesn’t take much to put two and two together when this morning, I see that my friend has removed all links pertaining to Scott Bloch from her blog.  I am in hopes that she will republish these post and links one day. After all that civilian contractors have been through, wether physical injuries or PTSD, they deserve to have a DBA lawyer that they can trust to stand the line with them on their case to get help. I understand that just because a person does wrong once does not mean that he/she will always do wrong. BUT, it is kind of hard to not wonder if this lawyer, Scott Bloch, is above board when he is threatening someone that is ONLY posting links about him on one blog. She never gave an opinion like I have here, she just posted a link. If posting a link to another article on-line is against the law, then every news agency, blogger, website, and even the government would have charges filed against then.

Written by WhiteRose


Julia Davis

Thank you so much for posting this! I am very curious to find out whether photos of John Woodson were also fraudulently used by Bloch to entice future clientele! Can’t wait to find out, please keep me posted.


Julia Davis


I will! I just have to find John. I am hoping that some of my contractor buddies will help. I am sending out messages on FB and other places looking for him. I will let ya know when or if I find him.

Kevin "PopPop" Price

I saw the threatening letter posted on another page (been a couple of weeks-forgot where), but the first thing that caught my eye was Bloch’s signature line. Don’t attorneys have “Esq” or “Esquire” after their names? Every attorney whose signature line I have ever seen all had that. What is a “P.A.” in regards to the law? The only one I know of is a Physicians Assistant!
Next, I have been with Gary Pitts (Pitts & Mills, Houston) since 2006. I have never asked, but we have spoke of other attorneys that represent contractors, and not once did I ever hear Bloch’s name mentioned.
Finally – thanks for the eye opener regarding this. I will start an active search of my own to see just what all I can find. Not that I ever plan on using the guy – Gary has more than met my expectations, and I doubt I will find another, better! In fact, I would recommend Gary and Joel to ANY contractor in need of representation! While I can’t say that they ARE the best, I CAN say they are the best I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with!


I know several former contractors that have used Gary. They seem to be happy with him. Gary has worked for some of these guys since back in 2004, that I know of. I know there are many DBA lawyers out there. I have been lucky that I have not needed one. I think most of them are ok, but this Scott Bloch just does not seem to be one of them. As for the the “Esq” verses the “P.A.” I really do not know. Guess it is something else I should look in to. My main thing right now to make sure that contractors know who they are dealing with when it comes to Scott Bloch. Then, if they decide to hire them, it is on them.


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