I was doing a little looking around the net to find some of my old blog post since I have lost much of what I have written after taking down my blog a while back. I am slowly getting them on here by finding where I had exported many of them from the old blog and finding them on other sites that I was a member of. In searching the net, I found this paper. I am not sure why it was written, other than for some kind of school paper. Anyway, here is a little taste of what was written and link to where I found it.

Cindy Morgan starts her blog, White Rose’s Adventures, in September 2003 at the beginning of her risky adventure in Iraq. It immediately emerges that she is writing not only to narrate her life but al-so to keep in touch with her friends and relatives (who are her implied readers). On many occasions it is evident that as a communicative purpose interaction is as important as narration. As a matter of fact, Cindy asks for feedback in various ways, directly (“So send those e-mails) or indirectly, by enabling comments, trackbacks(with some exceptions), and providing each post with a short multiple choice poll in order to know whether the readers have appreciated it. The fact that Morgan initially writes for her friends and relatives influences her as she often feels the need to reassure her audience who might be concerned about her safety and health.

Written by WhiteRose

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