Road Dogs on Hogs at Crazy Horse

Remember the days of standing in line to call your dispatcher, your partner back home, and your friends? Remember meeting other drivers at the truck stop restaurant, and later hoping that you would run into them again because they were interesting and you would like to become friends? No longer do you have to just hope that you will hear that voice or handle across the CB to catch up on their lives. Today with advent of cell phones, the internet, and Sirius/XM radio, you can stay in touch and keep up with some of the most interesting (and sometimes weird) people a driver could ever meet.

Staging for the Easy Rider Photo Shoot

Road Dogs on Hogs came from all these new avenues of communication. Now for a second year, they set the breaks on their rigs, climbed onto their bikes, put their knees in the breeze, and rode to Sturgis, South Dakota, for the rally. There were around 50 drivers. Some that had not seen each other since the rally last year. They were able to hang out, party, ride and relax with the friends that they made last year, and made many more new friends this year.
The group started as a crazy idea shared between two old time drivers, Buzzard (40 years of driving) and White Rose (20 years of driving), that wished there was still some of that “old school camaraderie” out there. It has been a great success. Jokes were played on each other, lots of riding was done, many a beer or bottle of liquor was consumed, and many friendships were formed.

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Despite the various backgrounds, years driving a rig, or parts of the country they come from, all had a great time. Over the next few months we hope to share our individual stories of our experience riding with the group, going to the rally, and making new friends.

Road Dogs Group Photo

Written by WhiteRose

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