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Hi Everyone, 

With Wilma Allen recently accepting PRC duties in her region, this left the Assistant State HOTH Coordinator position vacant (I can’t thank Wilma enough for all she does for us.) I’m so pleased to announce that Cindy Morgan has graciously accepted this role. Cindy, or “White Rose”, has been a member of the Patriot Guard Riders since 2005. She has been a truck driver for 20 years with the better part of 3 years in Iraq as a civilian contractor hauling supplies to our troops. She worked her way up to convoy commander in just a few short months. She is the mother of 3 boys, one of which served in the Army and was in Iraq at the same time she was. Cindy is a co-author on the popular Military blog, A Soldier’s Perspective and is the author of the book “Cindy in Iraq : A Civilian’s Year in the War Zone, based on her own blog Cindy in Iraq. Her family has a long history of serving in the military and her love for our Troops is evident
in all that she does. Cindy is also one of the bloggers that made Air Force history last May by being invited to fly with the Hurricane Hunters out of Keesler AFB on real mission into storms in the Gulf of Mexico this hurricane season.

Cindy is very committed to the fundraising challenges that we have before us and is ready to reach our goal to make Christmas at the Veteran’s Homes this year special for our Veterans. Wounded soldiers also are high on her list. She brings with her an abundance of ideas, energy and jovial spirit! Please join me in a show of support by welcoming Cindy in her new role.

Cindy’s contact information:

Ride Safe!

Kimberly Brown
Mississippi Patriot Guard Rider
in Memory of:
Sgt. Charles A. Williams, Sr.
Cpl. W. T. Brown
in Honor of:
Sgt. Christopher S. Street (ret.)

Written by WhiteRose

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