Please forgive me for the rant I am about to embark on. I am soooo totally pissed off.

Many times, as I am sure CJ and Marcus have experienced, our post are copied and posted some place else. My post “A Moment of Silence, Please!” was repost on a not to friendly site called “Freedom4um“. They pulled it from one of the truckers forums I belong to. I post some of my blog post on this forum becasue I know that there are many former civilian contractors and soldiers that are drivers. I do this in respect of those people

At first they wanted to disreguard the post because it talked about something that happened 5 years ago. They totally missed the point of the post, to honor those that had fallen that day and to pay my respects. I tried to bring this to their attention in a polite manner and of course that started a dialog wth some of the memers there. I was ok with most of what they had to say, I have heard it many times before.

Till this morning.

The following comment was made. I didn’t loose my temper till the last few lines.


#25. To: WhiteRose (#24)

The Krauts have the right word for war. It’s Krieg, which is the selfsame root in the word for “getting.” In war you go to the battlefield to get something – things that you couldn’t get by other means.

It’s a stretch though to maintain that the American people got anything at all from this wretched war, and by any measure, the Iraqis on the whole want us out of there.

I find it hard to talk facts to folks that have sacrificed huge chunks of their lives, their health and lives and limbs so that the bastards at KBR could pick up the shekels. I feel bad for your son, but he volunteered.

My old man got caught up in the peregrinations of Hitler’s army. He didn’t volunteer. He wanted to do music and go to engineering school. At one point somewhere in Yugoslavia, he mused to his fellows that Germany had screwed up. He was called in by a sympathetic captain and told that while security hadn’t heard his remarks, he had, and that he had better shut his mouth or he would find himself on a fast train to the Eastern Front.

That’s why I hold precious and dear my right to say that we have screwed up. There is nothing to be won or gained in Iraq or Afghanistan. There is nothing we can do for those folks. What needs doing in those places must be done by the folks that live there. We toppled a tyrant (and as many of us will point out, one demonstrably largely of our own making) at the cost of uncounted billions, the uncounted deaths of Iraqis and the as yet uncounted deaths of our own. We can add to the butcher’s bill the loss of political capital and our credibility around the world, as well as the destruction (and theft) of irreplaceable cultural treasures of Mesopotamia.

For all of this, what did we get? I hate to say it, but you guys got paid, while the rest of us got nothing but the bill.

I sincerely wish you well, and I hope that you all recover from your wounds and bad experiences. You’ll forgive me if I fail to wish you the ritual “Thanks for your service,” because I believe that few of us have been served by this war. We got nothing.

Join 2×4 Tuesdays & protect your RKBA.

randge  posted on  2009-04-12   11:40:00 ET


This was my responce……..

#29. To: randge (#25)

You’ll forgive me if I fail to wish you the ritual “Thanks for your service,” because I believe that few of us have been served by this war. We got nothing.

I don’t deserve the “Thanks for your service”. I was a civilian contractor and not military. Money was not at the top of my list of reasons to go over there, but I wont get into those here. Anyone that has read my blog or my book will know the reasons why I did what I did.

As for giving ANY military personnel a “Thanks for your service”, they ALL deserve it, even now. It’s not about weather you or anyone else “got” something out of this war. You don’t have to agree with the war. You don’t have to like that we are there. I don’t like that we are in it. BUT, giving military service people a “Thanks for you service” is about people who are willing to stand up for this Country and our Freedoms. It’s about men and women that are willing to put their lives on the line, to die, for that which we as the people of this great country take for granted way to much.

My son wanted to join the Army since he was old enough to walk and talk. In my family, serving our Country was taught to be a great honor and to take great courage. Almost every male and several females have done their time in one branch of the armed forces or the other. I hold these people in high respect. They were willing to die for this Country and my Freedoms.

They also help in keeping your and anyone else’s right to disrespect them and not be punished by our government. So, forgive me if your statement about not thanking them pisses me off a bit. That is what is wrong with this Country and this world for that matter. It’s all about “me”. “What to I get!” “It doesn’t affect me, so why should I care?” But does affect you and you do get something out of their service, even if you don’t see it directly. So they DO deserve your thanks, they deserve my thanks, they deserve this country’s thanks!!!


WhiteRose  posted on  2009-04-13   9:45:20 ET


How can people not get the simple fact that these men and women are the very reason that they have what they have and can keep it?! Do they not uderstand that in many other countries that they would be hung for statements like this, but not for the people that serve in our military? How can they be sooooo damn blind?!

Written by WhiteRose

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