I want to bring to your attention a blog that I was pointed to the other day. It is called Defense Base Act Blog. There is a lot of information on the blog and from what I understand, if you email them a question, they will write a full blog post for give you the answer. It is run by the law firm of Herbert Chestnut & Associates out of Atlanta, GA. I encourage you to go check it out if you have been are, or are thinking about becoming a civilian contractor in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other American Contractor that holds a government contract supporting our Military. They even have a page that explains what the Defense Base Act is and who it covers.

From working with other contractors that have been trying to get medical or physiological help for their injuries while working overseas, I have seen and heard of many lawyers that are shirking their duties and leaving their clients to swing in the wind all by themselves. I can not attest to how well these lawyers are handling their cases, but I can say that I have been told that f you ask a question, it WILL be answered. Compared to many others this is a lot more than some other DBA lawyers do.
So check out the blog, ask some questions, and see what ya think. Please come back and leave a comment and let other know what kind of experience you had with the blog and/or the lawyers.

Written by WhiteRose

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