What a wonderful day, even though it did start at 0445 this morning! The 113th MP’s from Brandon, MS came home from Iraq! It was just a year ago that the MS PGR escorted this find men and women as they were on their way TO Iraq. I was not able to make that mission, but I was not going to miss this one. We staged up outside the south gate of camp Shelby and waited for the busses to roll out the gate.



As you can see from these pictures, there was a great turnout of PGR for this mission. I know I speak for many, if not all of the PGR membership when I say that to be able to do a “feel good” mission once in a while, to see these men and women reunited with their families, helps us all and means so very much to us and our troops.



I didn’t get an actual count of the number of bike on this mission, but I believe that there were some where between 75 and 100 bikes. We rode from Camp Shelby through Hattiesburg to south of Jacksonville and then on to Brandon, MS. It was a quiet ride for most of the trip. then we started seeing people on the side of the road with American Flags.

And as we kept riding, we saw more and more people with signs and flags.

There was no black or white. The only colors were red, white and blue.

There was no Republican or Democrat, just people showing their support for their loved ones.

There was no for or against the war. Just people saying thank you for what you do.

Photobucket We were met at the Armory with a massive amount of family and friends.


During the ceremony we learned that one soldier had lost his grandfather(also a veteran) while he was deployed. He was not able to return home for the funeral. But it was his grandfathers wish that his grandson receive the American Flag that had been draped across his coffin. It was presented to him today.

After a few more people made their comments, the soldiers were released to great their families.


We even had one of our own who had a son-in-law in this unit. He was given a PGR flag to take to Iraq. The only request our friend had, was the his son-in-law bring it home to him, signed by he unit, in person.

For me, this was a very special mission. I cannot name nor tell you where all of the escorts I had in Iraq came from. But I can tell you that each escorted me to the best of their ability and several went above and beyond the call of duty. Today was a great honor! Even though this unit never escorted any of my convoys, I was in a way, able to return favor. I was given the honor to escort them home to their family and friends. I will never forget this day and I hope with all my heart, that I will have the opportunity to receive this honor again.



Welcome home 113th MP Company!

Written by WhiteRose

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