I am sure that many of you remember the post about Cpl Dustin Leeand his dog Lex. Well, after a petition and many letters, Lex came home to Cpl Lee’s family on December 22. As with any other of our military Hero’s, the Patriot Guard Riders were there to escort him home to his family.


I have to insert a few personal notes here.
There were several PGR mission this day around the Mississippi and Louisiana area that day. With my brother and Dad having been on Cpl Lee’s Funeral mission many months ago, I felt this was the mission I needed to attend. My Dad and brother were not going to be able to attend this one, so I felt someone from our family needed to be there.Along with 3 other PGR member from the MS coast, I made the cold ride to Meridian, MS that morning. Many of us met at the Harley shop, talked, had coffee and then rode to the state line to meet Lex and his new family.Lex flew into Georgia. The family met him there as well as the GA PGR. As they made their way home, the AL PGR joined the escort across their states and then the MS PGR as they came into their home state. A couple of the MS PGR even made the trip to GA to escort Lex from start to finish.When my small group from the coast arrived at the welcome center at the states line, we were told that the family was picking up more and more escorts at every stop. I was very proud to be a part of this and to call this country, the United States, home.


At the welcome center, the family got Lex out so he could meet everyone. what a wonderful and friendly dog he is. (You can see my arm in this picture petting Lex) He greeted every one with great energy and wagging tail. After Lex greeted everyone we mounted up and escorted him to where Cpl Dustin Lee was laid to rest.I don’t think there was a dry eye in the county when the family brought out Cpl Lee’s combat boots, set them on the grave. Lex sniffed the boots and then laid down beside them. I know I had to walk away. I couldn’t keep my composure.


As anyone knows, that has had a dog growing up or even as an adult, there is a bond that is great. The bond and love between Lex and Cpl Lee was one of these great bonds. Even though this wont bring their son back, the family does have a little piece of Dustin with them every day.

CBS has the video of an interview with the family up.
You can find it here –>

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