I want to bring to your attention a blog that has been started in the name of “truth”. I realize that with blogs, there is not the same standards of fact finding as there are with the MSM. Blogs are for people’s opinions, thoughts, and feelings. So when one comes along that is set up and it’s main focus is to bash and run down someone like me, it makes me wonder what kind of threat that the author sees me as. Like the tabloids, I guess you know you have made the big time, when someone goes to such effort to try to stomp on you.Below is part of one post made on this blog.

Contractor Convention in Houston
By javajena(javajena)
Morgan is even going to grace their presence with a LIVE BROADCAST on BlogTalkRadio. Who is funding this stuff? The consistantly job-hopping Morgan or Jana Crowder’s ACII? Any thoughts? Just trying to get the scoop on who they are and …
The Truth About American Contractors… – aciitruth.blogspot.com/

As most regular readers of my blog know, it follows my life experiences, what I am going through and dealing with on the day that I wrote that post. Out of all the “questions” that this person asks, there is only one that I am going to address. The rest have been asked and answered more times that I care to count and if they do their research, and get ALL the facts, they will get the answers.

The gathering in Porter, Tx on the 27th of October was organized and financed by Art Faust. Jana Crowder and I are invited guest. Art was on the Preston Wheeler convoy that was ambushed in Iraq and has a great desire to help educate those returning from Iraq with injuries and/or PTSD.

If this person thinks that they are going to scare or run off me, Jana, Art or any of the MANY other contractors that have put their heart into helping other contractors, they are sadly mistaken. Attacks like this make us all more determined to keep on helping those that feel lost and alone in what they are dealing with.

So, javejena,(funny how they used this name to try to confuse people into thinking this is javejana), bring on your best. I had decided that I was going to step away from all the contractor issues, as I refuse to live in the past and move forward in my life, but you have reinvigorated me and my passion to help. Just when I thought I was not making a difference, you show me that I am. You show me that all the time, effort, and sacrifice that I have put into this, has someone on the run and feeling threatened.

Written by WhiteRose

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Well Cindy I think you have caused a bit of jealousy amongst the lower kind.Who ever the creature is that wrote that probably had dreams of doing all you have done.But sat on their skinny butt and thought “Too Hard” or was too afraid so is attacking you through plain jealousy and spite.I love all that you have done and many do not know half of it! May Angels protect you always.Glad your not letting it get to you.The person that wrote that should do half of what you have done and then they might know where your coming from but with a mind set like that I very much doubt it.Take care stay safe Angel Hugs. From your Angel Down Under


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