KBR, like many other vendors, set up a booth at GATS, (Great American Truck Show). They are there to recruit drivers to go to Iraq and Afghanistan to drive trucks. Many drivers go by the booth and talk to them about going to work over there. The money is good and you get a chance to support the troops in their effort to bring Iraq and Afghanistan some peace and rid the world of terrorist.

Undertaker, a personal friend and truck driver that I met last year at the GATS show, went to the KBR booth to talk to the recruiter about going to drive in Iraq. Even with all our talks, reading my book, and the reports in the media, he was still interested in going to Iraq to drive. Since KBR is about the only contracting company that employees American drivers (I only know of 1 other), his options were limited.

Undertaker gets an application and then asks them what they think about Cindy Morgan and the book “Cindy in Iraq: A Civilian’s Year in The War Zone“. The recruiter proceeded to tell Undertaker that Cindy is a whiner and her book is exaggerated and full of lies. According to Undertaker, they didn’t have a good word to say about Cindy or her book.

As he handed them the application back, he told them that he was a close personal friend of Cindy. The recruiter then refused to talk to him any more.

When Undertaker called me and told me this story, he said that it really surprised him that they would say such a thing. He has read my book and doesn’t see where I really bad mouth KBR. “You talk about some people working for KBR that were wrong and should have been fired, but you don’t run them down as a company.” he said to me in a phone call a few days ago. I told him that is doesn’t surprise me that they bad mouthed me.

It seems that anyone that does not follow the company line or has been injured and refused medical help is a whiner. In many court cases against Halliburton/KBR/SEII, the person injured has been called a whiner by the company and their lawyers. Their so called Doctor, that has no background in PTSD, tells the court that the ones suffering from PTSD are faking it or blowing it out of proportion.

Because of many former contractors(whiners) speaking out about the practices of KBR in recruiting and in the beginning, hiding the fact that your contract is with Services Employers International, they now tell new recruits that KBR is just a head hunter. The truth is coming out! There are many stories about how the civilian workers are treated once they are of no use to the company.

Read the following reports and make up you own mind if ALL these people are a bunch of whiners, or if it is a case that these people don’t follow the company line and are being medically neglected. Read about how the company is all about the $$, dollars, and how much they really care about the lives of their employees. There are many stories about civilian contractor employees, but I think these will be enough for you to get the idea about weather these people are really whiners, or just people that have been hurt and neglected and want help.


















Written by WhiteRose

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