Today many contractors, former contractors, and military veterans will converge on Knoxville, TN from all around the country for one purpose, to be educated on PTSD or support those that are suffering from it. Many people, soldier and civilian, that have served in combat zones come home and suffer symptoms from the minor one of feeling out of place to the more sever of being suicidal. We have heard about this affecting many of our military personnel for many years. Vietnam Vets were some of the most affected by this. Iraq and Afghanistan Vets are this nations newest generation of sufferers. Many people suffering from this disorder are afraid to admit to other that they have it for fear of being labeled as weak, or unfit and some don’t even know they have it. They just know that something isn’t right with them.

Starting today and continuing through tomorrow evening, with a speech from Dr. EC Hurley from the Centers for PTSD and Combat Trauma in Clarksville, TN., some of these people will get the information they need to start their recovery. If anyone in interested in attending, please email me at or Jana at

Today will be more of a meet and greet for the early arrivals, with a few reporters joining us this afternoon to do interviews with several of the contractors.

Tomorrow we will meet at the VFW for they main event. Dr Hurley will speak at 1pm followed by the band, VAULT. The VFW, Dr Hurley, VAULT and many others are donating their time, talent, and skills to this event. I want to thank each and every one of them in advance for their support.

Written by WhiteRose

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