What a deal! My laptop went down last Thursday. I am not sure what the problem is, but I suspect it is something in the bios, because it wont even boot up. I was freaking 0ut. I have not backed things up in about a month and can’t afford to loose some of the stuff I have on that hard drive. It is still under warranty so I can’t just have “someone” look at it. So I decided that I would buy a desk top. I went to Hawalli where all the computer shops are here and told them I wanted a desk top computer. They asked me what I wanted in it. Cool! They don’t really sell ready made systems, like HP, Dell, Toshiba and so on, here. You can get them, but they cost you more than it is to just have one built, so I had one built. I got the 3.2gig P4 processor, 256 N-Vida G-force video card, DVD writer, 1 gig of ram and a Samsung 17 in LCD ,monitor, to give you some of the spec’s for it. 24 hours later, I brought it home, plugged it in and looked for the button to turn it on. Just my luck, I heard something pop and nothing came on. I didn’t make sure the power supply was set to 220. Somehow in transport or hooking everything up I have flipped the switch to 110. Now I had blown the power supply and still was without a computer. WHAT A DEAL!I took it back down to Hawalli the next night and had the power supply replaced and rushed home to give it another try. Now, for those of you that have never been in Kuwait and tried to driver down to Hawalli, you can’t imagine the torturous drive that this is. The traffic is a nightmare!! Imagine rush hour traffic in any major city in the states and multiply it by 3, then add in the fact that these people can’t drive and not many of them are very courteous, and you can see what I had to drive through. Not once, not twice, but three times, to get my computer.  But, night before last I got it home, plugged it in again, making sure that it was set to the right power setting and was ready to load a few software programs and get on-line. I plugged the internet cable in and……………… nothing. The internet was down. Frustrated?! OH, yes, I was frustrated and pissed! The caretaker of this building tries to make you think that he can’t speak English, but I know he understands it. But I called the gal that showed me the flat when I was looking at them and told her my problem with the internet. She said that he internet was running fine, but that she would give him a call. At 22:00 I gave up on him showing up and went to bed.

Yesterday, I felt a bit under the weather and called in sick. I have not felt good since my trip to Bahrain and as much as I tried to fight it, I couldn’t yesterday, so I stayed home. Here I am, resting in bed, not worried about getting on-line at the moment, cause I don’t feel good and there is a knock at the door. I drag my tail out of bed, answer the door and guess who? The caretaker, speaking Arabic and trying to tell me something. (I have got to learn some of this language!) He wants me to come with him. I follow him down to the 5th floor where the network is set up, if ya want to call it a network, and look at the jumble of wires in this little box attached to the wall of the stairwell. I groaned and started looking at it. The wires are marked with a piece of tape indicating to which flat it goes. I didn’t see one for my flat. But there was one unplugged and labeled with a 25. 25 is not my flat, but I plugged it in anyway, ran back up to my floor and checked my computer. It was working! YEAH!! I ran back down to the 5th floor and gave him the hand signal that everything was good and came back to my flat and went back to bed. Then yesterday afternoon, I started loading software onto the computer and noticed, that computer shop had partitioned the hard drive into two drives. This is just and 80gig driver and I didn’t want it partitioned. So, I had to format and start all over. Thanks goodness I looked at it before I loaded to much on it. Anyway, I have most of my software loaded now and as you can see I am on-line now. It will take ma a few days to get it to where I want it, but at least I am up and running again.

Well, that’s it for this morning; I have to get ready for work. Even though I am still not feeling to well, I am going in. I have the next two days off and hopefully today they will give me one of the easy runs. So, till tomorrow, one my day off, ya’ll take care. Those of you up north, keep you heads down and watch you tails.

Written by WhiteRose

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