Today when I got to the office I have 2 pieces of mail waiting for me. One was a package and the other a letter. The package contained 4 or 5 dozen home-made brownies and a few other things. The brownies were from a friend from one of the groups that I belong to. I had expected to receive these  a couple of weeks ago. Char, that lady that made the brownies, had made enough for the whole mail crew here in Kuwait. We all have been waiting in anticipation for this package to come in. Every morning when I would get to work, I would get an update on that fact that the package had not come in. This morning, several people told me I had a package and my boss made a special trip to pick up our mail just so I could get it. Since it had been about 3 weeks since these were made, I was not sure if they would still be ok to eat. I took the package into the office and opened it. The guys dug in before I had a chance to check them out. Well, to make a long story short, the brownies were still good and everyone pigged out. Thank you Char for thinking of me and the mail crew here in Kuwait. You brightened our day!

The other piece of mail I received today was a letter from my Mamaw. Being in her 80’s, writing is not an easy task for her. So when I saw the return address, I felt very proud. Mamaw does not write often, but this makes the second year I have received a letter from here while over here. The first was on my birthday last year and then this one today. In this day and age of email and cell phones, so many people forget how important a hand written letter can be to someone so far away from home. I like so many other soldiers and civilian contractors, check the mail list every day, looking for that piece of love from home. Many of us take that with us as we travel the roads in Iraq, either on patrol as a soldier, or on a convoy as a truck driver. We open the flap of our flack vest and put, behind the plate a picture of our kids, wife, husband, our family, and also that piece of mail, that hand written letter from home that shows us we are not forgotten. That someone thought enough to take the time to sit down and put pen to paper to write us a letter. I know one soldier that keeps a letter form his 5 year old daughter in his flack vest. All it says in crayon, is “I love you, Daddy! Come home soon.”  Others that I know keep similar letters in their vest or their pocket to remind them that they have something to come home for. I, myself, have a box that holds several very special things that go on every mission with me. I wont go into what all is in there for the stories that belong with them would take me all night to type out. But I will say, I now have one more item that will travel the roads with me and help keep me safe from harm. Thank you Mamaw for the letter, I love you too!!!

Written by WhiteRose

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