Yesterday was one of the days that makes this boring job worth it. With the border being shut down for several days due to the elections, mail has backed up a bit. The soldiers in the couple of camps north of the border that we run to, have not had mail for 3 or 4 days. The camp I went to yasterday is a small camp and we usually only need a 20 foot trailer to ge the mail to them. With Christmas coming and the shut down, we took 2 40 footers! One was nearly full and the other was 1/4 fill.

We rolled up to the APO and they were happy to see us. Now, lots of times I get out there and help unload, the three of us tat did the run yesterday had planned on givng them a hand in unloading since there was so much mail. But, we didn’t have to. They had volunteers waiting. So Steve, Eric, and I went to lunch.

You should have seen the place when we came back. We walked around the corner of the building and all around were humvee’s, gator’s, and soldiers, soldiers, and more soldiers. Everyone was helping everyone else get their mail and get my trailer reloaded. There was a great energy buzzing around the area. I had to stop and just watch it for a few minutes. I have complained about my job being the most boring job over here. All I do is drive to a camp, back in, sit all day, and then drive back to the yard once reloaded. There is noting to do. But I have to say, yesterday, put things back in perspective for me. I still have a VERY boring job, but I have a very meaning full job, I deliver the mail to the troops. That is so very cool!

Written by WhiteRose

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