I thought I would let ya’ll know that Kenny is home. I am in Malaysia right now on my way back to Kuwait for 2 days then on home myself. My mom sent me an email and said that she had heard from Kenny and that he had made it home safe and sound. I am so glad to hear this after what little news I have seen while on vacation. I know from seeing Kenny in Iraq the two times I did and from the emails we shared, that it will be a while before he is truly all at home. I have heard the anger in his voice and have had it come at me several times over the last few months. I am relived that his tour of duty is over, now I have to figure out how to help him deal with his feelings and PTSD as well as my own. This is going to be another hard one for me. I solved my PTSD last time, by going back. Granted, that was not the only reason I went back, but I know it was one reason. With him having been a soldier and me a civilian contractor, I know our experiences are different, but yet the same. How do I help my son deal with the shock of coming home, when I could not deal with it totally myself? I guess for now, I will be just glad that he is home in one piece physically. Anyway, I just thought ya’ll would like to know that my son is home and that I am a happy and proud mom.

Written by WhiteRose

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