First off, I want to say that my son, Kenny, is ok and I talked to him this afternoon. He is pissed, as well as I am, but he is fine. Now let me tell you the story of my last few days and how cruel some folks can be.

A couple of days ago, about 0200 in the morning, I talked to my son in an YM. He told me that he was going out on his extended patrol. I know what that means and where it is. That afternoon, as I was pulling into the yard after doing a local mission, my phone rang. The call went like this…..

Is this Ms. Morgan?……

Yes it is…….

I was told to call you, because no one else will. Your son has been hurt…………….

How bad? Where is he? Is it life treating? ……..

It is not life treating and he is not being sent to Germany……………….

OK, then how bad is it?………

Ma’am, I can’t tell you any more than that. I am not supposed to be making this call and could get into trouble for it………..

Ok, tell me what you can. How do I find out more?………..

Ma’am, that is all I can tell you. You will get a call in a few days.

Then he hung up.

Since then, I have been going nuts. I talked to several military and they said they would see what they could find, but to be leery of calls like that, that are not official. It could be a hoax. I can’t imagine anyone playing that kind of hoax on someone, but I didn’t tell the family back home of this. I didn’t want to worry them, just in case it was. So the last few days have been total hell for me. I have talk to the Red Cross, their computers were down. I talked to military Chaplin, he said it would take him a few days to get me some information, but he would try. I talked to every military person I came across it see if they knew how I could confirm that my son was hurt. I even had one LT check the causality list for me. I have cried, I have screamed, and I have just plain gone out of my mind the last few days. I could not get any information at all. It is going to take time was the best I could get from anyone.

Then today, I walked into my room after my local and clear my screensaver and see Kenny signed on in Yahoo Messenger. I about fell out. I couldn’t get to my computer and type fast enough. I told him what I was told and he assured me that he is fine. Nothing has happened to him. He is going to inform his C.O. and he says that they will try to find out who made the call. I have been sitting here making calls for the last hour to let everyone over here know that he is ok. All my friends here have been such a great support and are relieved to hear that Kenny is ok. I just don’t know what to do with my anger now. I hope I never find out who did this because they will wish they had never known my name. How can someone be so cruel?

Anyway, through all this I have found that this has happened before and not just with soldiers and their families, but also civilian contractors. So please, everyone, if you get a call like this, make sure they identify themselves and get as much info on them as well. There are some very sick people out there. I don’t want anyone to go through what I have the last few days. I am going to go have a good cry now and thank God that my son is ok.

Written by WhiteRose

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