Local soldier opts to return to Iraq


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Specialist Kenneth W. Elliott, a member of the 39th Infantry Brigade Echo Troop 151st Cavalry, recently volunteered to stay in Iraq when the 39th came home.

He is attached to Echo Troop 101st Cavalry from Geneva, New York, which is attached to the 256th from Louisiana.

He is the son of Kenneth Elliott of Helena and Cynthia Morgan of DeWitt. Elliott’s mother works as a truck driver for IAP hauling supplies in both Iraq and Kuwait. His father is music director for the Barton-Lexa School District.

While in West Helena, Elliott is visiting close friends, Scott and Lori Williams.

Elliot will be leaving Saturday and will return to Iraq, where he will serve there until September.

Elliott said one of the most awesome sights during his tour of duty was when the elections were held in Iraq.


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