I thought I would let ya know that I am going to HET’s for a while. A friend of mine is in HET’s and they get to pick who takes their place while they are gone on R&R, Mike asked me to do it for him. He is Darren’s flatmate and he knows that my son is in BIAP and that I want to get there to see him. Our HET’s get to BIAP where the Iraqi Express does not. This is supposed to be for only 2 weeks but could turn into more. I don’t know yet. Yes, it is a harder job, more work than flats and is more dangerous, but I will hopefully get to see Kenny and more of Iraq than I have seen already. That is enough for me to take the risk, in my mind. I have been trying to get into BIAP since I got here and I just don’t think it is going to happen with the Iraqi Express, it will with the HET’s. So for those of you that are not going to like this decision because of the increased danger, I am sorry, but I want to see my son and as you all know, I am still playing tourist. There is a lot of Iraq that I have not seen yet. I have to do a local today with them, so I am going to let ya’ll go.

Written by WhiteRose

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