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Now before anyone asks me what do I want or need I will give ya some ideas. the way we are living is like living in the states. They do not provide our meals, so we eat out or cook. The spices here a bit different and not real easy to tell what they are when they are in a bulk bin. So those a great to send. (Mom, you know what I use for spaghetti. Also, get me some ground mustard and cumin. I want to make my cheese dip on night when me and the guys are just sitting around watching movies.) Fig Newtons are hard to get here as well as Dr. Pepper. It looks like Mountain Dew is easier to get now than what it was the first time I was here. Some real Zippo lighter fluid would be nice as well. The stuff we get here is junk and evaporates very quick. (Mom, don’t worry about sending that zippo you held onto for me, I got another one) Baking stuff will work as well. they gave us pots and pans and most kitchen utensils, but to bake a cake or cookies or things like that, I have none. I have not looked for that kind of stuff yet. Maybe today I will look and see what they have. A couple of friends and I are going to Fahaheel tonight. Course, anything homemade, like cookies,(hint, hint Mom, date roll cookies, remember) is always welcome. Just remember to send enough for a bunch of people, I always share with the guys. Oh and Dad, all that apple butter and sweet pickles that you were going to send me last time I was here, you can send that now. Also, a couple jars of sweet pickle relish and cans of tuna. I am going to look for a few tools while in town tonight as well. We really don’t need much, but you know I always like to work on something myself. Since we have to do repair work our selves when out on a mission, as well as change our own tires, I am going to see what I can find in the way of a socket set. I know they have them, just have to find them. But if ya’ll can get light weight leather gloves that would be great. The ones they have here really suck. In the truck stops they have ones that fit a woman’s hands better and that will keep other from stealing them from me. Oh and dad, before you send that footlocker that I packed up, if you would grab me some more contact solution. I am using the Alcon Opti-free express stuff.

Now here is the other thing I would like. We are not allowed to toss food out to the kids on the roads, but sometimes when we stop, we all do anyway. We have all seen the older kids take it from the younger ones. So what I would like to do is get small stuffed animals to hand out. That is something that the teenagers wont bother. Then I can take and tie candy or small packages of cookies to them so as to make sure the little ones get it. so if anyone knows of a place online that I can order small stuffed animals please send me a link. Mom or Dad, I may have to have them ship them to you and then you ship them to me. Some places don’t ship to APO addresses. If ya’ll can think of anything else that you think would be cool to hand out to the kids, send me your idea’s. I have to be careful about what we hand out, because we don’t want to start the kids in this “throw me something or I will rock you” thing like I have seen before. This stuff will only be handed out when we are stopped on the side of the road and the kids come up to visit with us.

Here are some pictures from our jet skiing the other day.

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