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I just thought I would give ya a bit of an update. As some of you know I hit the ground running. I was out on a mission 36 hours after getting into Kuwait. I have to tell ya’ll, it was good doing a mission again. I really enjoyed the trip. I was lucky enough to see a couple of good friends while out as well. When I got back several of us went out jet skiing. One of the guys took some pictures of us out on the gulf, but he is not here right now. So, I will have to get them from him when he gets back. The pictures you are getting today are from the trip to TQ. They are not the best I have had taken of me, but at least you can see that I am enjoying being back and am doing great! I really like working for IAP as well. It is nice to be treated like an adult and be able to have some kind of a life. I am not sure when I will get to see my son, Kenny. Doing the Iraqi Express doesn’t really take us into the camp he is at, but the bosses know that if they get one going there, I want on it. Other than that, I am doing well. I hope to see those of you that are still here soon. And to those back home, I miss you all.

Written by WhiteRose

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