This is cindy’s mom, Linda.  Cindy has wanted to go back to Kuwait/Iraq for some time now. She has a son in the National Guard that is stationed over there .  She will be in Kuwait by the weekend.  She got a chance to go and she took it.  As my 83 year old mother says we will worry but we will leave her safety in Gods hands. All we have ever wanted for our kids is for them to be happy and I saw that in her when we took her to the airport to catch her plane.

God bless you all, Stay safe.


Hi this is her dad, she called me a little while ago, and she will be flying out of SC tonight sometime going to Kuwait, she said that she will send an email when she is able to get to a computer, we hope to get hers back form the shop in a few days and I will ship it to her at that time, so she will have it in a couple weeks we hope then she will be able to send email to keep us updated on things, thanks for all the support you have given her, and keep her and her son, Kenny, in your prays.

Thanks and love to all


Written by WhiteRose

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