I just wanted to let everyone that I am going back to Iraq this week. I got a call this morning asking me if I would go Wednesday. So, I will be flying to S.C. Wednesday and should be in Kuwait sometime over the weekend. I am not sure about the book deal right now. I know that my manager is not going to be happy that I am going so soon. But since the ghostwriter we are looking at lives in Paris, everything is going to have to be done over the internet anyway. I have sent and email to my son telling him that I will be headed his way soon. This job I am taking will get me far enough into Iraq that I could get to see him. This is better than the other job I was offered that would have me leaving in June. It is with the same company, but running a different mission.

I want to thank ya’ll for being there for me over the last few weeks in dealing with my son. It has really helped. Ya’ll take care and I will stay in touch.

Written by WhiteRose

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