I was fired because I had the date and the escort unit number on the home page. They also say that I had been warned before. The site my sister had up till a few months ago. As I have said, I feel I am being made an example of on this one. I know of sites that have lots more on then than mine. I have had the feeling that they were ginning for me since this last spring. They failed me on security at the Safir and now they fire me for a security reason. I am going to be talking to Houston when I get home. I am not sure they know what is going on. Course, I am sure that now that I have said that, someone will be trying to cover their tail on it. The thing of it all is, if they had proper support in place for the convoy drivers when they got to camp after being ambushed, lots of what happens with them would not happen. For people like me that are not former military, having bullets get that close, can make your mind a little messed up for a bit. It is getting hotter and more dangerous in Iraq and KBR does not have what they need to take care of the drivers. But I am not going to get into that to much now. This just gives you a bit of what happened. Ya’ll take care.

Written by WhiteRose

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