I know that it has been a bit since ya’ll have heard from me. I am doing fine. As the saying we have adapted for being over here goes, I woke up breathing and didn’t get shot at today, so it is a good day. I am in Kuwait right now. I still have my line haul for now. Things have changed on it a bit thought. And of course I can’t give ya’ll the details of that, but lets just say that I am not sure I am going to like it and it is going to mean lots more work for me and my crew. But as usual, we will make it through. My year is fast coming to an end. I have only about 33 more days left and my year will be up. As many of ya’ll know, I am not coming home after that. I have my R&R Sept. 26th through Oct. 9th. I am going to do that and then come back for some more fun and games. Just so ya’ll know I am not coming back to the states for this R&R either. Some friends and I are going to the rain forest for 2 weeks and hide out and enjoy the peace and quiet. I look back at the last year and am totally amazed that I have almost made it. I wasn’t sure that I would when I left Houston. I was scared and excited all at the same time. I believe that there are times that I am still both at the same time. Its just that the things that scare me have changed as well as the things that get me excited. I have seen and done lots of things that I never thought in my wildest dreams I would do. I have met some great people as well as met some assholes. But all in all, I have to say that it has been a good year. I plan on sitting down and writing out a recap of the last year to post on the site when I get a chance. So ya’ll be prepared for a long one when I get it done. I just don’t want ya’ll to get to impatient for it, it will take me a bit to get it done. For now, I wish to say to all ya’ll back home that have followed my story over the last year, thank you for you support and prayers. Get ready for another one though. I just can’t leave all this excitement yet!

Written by WhiteRose

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