I have news on the driver that was shot last week in my convoy. I have been told that he is in Germany and giving them hell. He wont let them send him back to the states. From what I hear he is going to stay there for about 4 weeks and heal and them come back. The message I got was that he had to come back so he and Ben could beat Greg and me at spades. We are at a tie right now on games won. I hear he is doing very well. The bullet did hit bone, but it is a clean break. That is good news. The crew you see on the home page of this site is the crew I had when we were ambushed. They are great guys. I am going to assume that everyone at home is dealing with this alright since no one has bothered to send me an email or say anything about it. And as I am sure a lot of you know, I am NOT coming home. I am doing fine and so are the guys.

Written by WhiteRose

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