One week ago tonight, my convoy was ambushed. I had one man wounded. Not life threading. He had a gun shot wound to the lower right leg. I can not give all the details due to security and his family. I just want to say that I had a great crew on that run. The injured driver drove his truck to a safe zone and parked it like there was nothing wrong after he was shot. My crew did everything I asked them to do. They were perfect. We got our man air lifted out, changed a steer tire, inspected the truck to make sure it could be driven and kept Trans opps informed all at the same time. My driver drove the shot up truck into the next camp. My injured driver is doing well and telling his nurses that they need to get him well, he has to come back. The crew and I are all doing well and dealing with it well. I am so very proud to be their CC. They are all great men. They are true Patriots!

Written by WhiteRose

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