WOW, what a busy last few weeks I have had. Lots of things have changed over here and I really don’t know where to start. I guess the best place is where the last email left off. Well, the last one that told everything. I have had to go look it up because it has been so long. So, I hope everyone is ready. Do you have your drink, a comfortable spot to sit and are you ready for this?

Here we go………

After going to Fallujah and getting shot at for nothing,(ya’ll have to read the ruined my lucky streak post), when I got back to Anaconda, they wanted me to go to Camp Fallujah/MEK again. I grabbed two guys and off we went. We went to BIAP and sat there for 3 days before I made a deal with the Marines that brought us out of TQ/Ridgeway the first time, and made it out there. It was quiet a trip. I talked them into taking us to the first check point and dropping us there. We do that kind of thing all the time. The reefers peal out of the convoy as we pass the exit and the convoy never slows down they just keep on truckin’. That is about what we were doing, except they had to take us to the first check point because it was to far from the main road to the gate. Two of the escorts and my 3 truck stepped out of line and gassed on it as we passed Abu Garubi prison. We took the exit and made the check point. They handed me the radio and they left and we went to the gate. At the gate the 2 guys guarding it were surprised to see Americans showing up at night without escorts. I explained to them what we had done. They hit the roof. Said that our escorts should not have done that. I took up for our escorts and told them that I said that it was ok to drop us like we had. Well, they radioed in and the Lt. in charged told them to tell us to go away. 3 Americans, and he told them to tell us to go away! I couldn’t believe my ears. The soldier standing there said that he was sorry that he couldn’t let us inside the gate and that he wasn’t going to send us away even though that was his orders. He showed us where there was a place to park outside the wire and under a guard tower. He radioed the tower and told them to watch over us, we were Americans. About 4 hours later, we all 3 got a knock on our doors waking us up. They had a change in the duty and they new guy had a fit when he found out we were out there. So, they took us out of our trucks and brought us inside and gave us a tent to sleep in. Then about 0600 the next morning we were all woke up by mortar fire the shook everything around. After we looked to see if anything had gotten blown up we started trying to find someone to take us back out to our trucks. I talked to 2 Sgt’s and 1 Capt. They were al very hot about what had happened to us the night before. They asked who were our escorts and I would not tell them. I said that I would take the responsibility of them dropping us where they did, because I told them that it was alright. I told the Capt. that they were a great group of guys and that I did not want to get them into trouble. If I had told them I needed to be brought all the way to the gate then they would have done so.

He didn’t have a problem with that. His problem was with the Lt that wouldn’t let us inside the wire. I was told that the guys ass was grass, and that it WOULD NOT happen again. That was cool with me and we got 1 of the Sgt to take us back to our trucks. We delivered our ice and were out of there that night. The Marines were really nice to us all day. I think they felt bad that we had to sleep outside the wire like that. The guys that were with me and I are ok now with what happened. We kid each other that we don’t need shooters and escorts, we have slept outside the wire in Fallujah, we are tough. But it is a joke. Even though we all did sleep better under the watchful eye of the guard tower than we did when they gave us beds inside the camp. Go figure……….

The guys were great and I have them on the convoy that I am on now. They want to stay with me. They say that I am fun and that even though they know that I push the edges a bit, that I will take care of them and not do anything to endanger their lives. After that deal in Fallujah I wasn’t sure that they would want to run with me again. But it is a story for the grand babies and we are all alive and ok. They know that I did my best in making sure that we were watched over while out there and that is enough for them. I would trust them to watch my back as well, any time and any place.

Written by WhiteRose

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