I know that everyone has been waiting for more on what I am doing. I am sorry that I have not had the time to get the emails sent like I was before. A lot has happened and I am working on one that will cover all of the last few weeks. So ya'll better get something to drink and a comfortable spot to sit when I do get it out, it will be a long one.

Right now I want to share a few feelings I have going on. As a CC I have at different times, anywhere from 2 to 16 drivers in my convoy. Lots of them are new. I like to get to know my drivers. The other night, a driver that I took out on some of his first reefer missions had his convoy ambushed. He has been hurt but it is not life threatening. He was lifted to Germany to undergo treatment. As many of you know, I have known several of the drivers that have been wounded or killed over here. But this is the first time I have had one that I have had in one of my convoys before. Lots of feeling go through your head when it is someone that been under your command. I care about the guys and gals that run in my convoys, probably to much some times. I tell them all, once you have run with me and I have gotten to know you a bit, you are always one of my guys, even if I never have you again in my convoy. This driver is doing ok and his CC saw him yesterday before they flew him out. I am glad it didn't happen on my mission. But knowing that this driver has a sister over here in a different division and not being allowed to contact her drove me nuts yesterday. I went to anyone that would listen and told them about her to make sure she was notified. At this time I do not know if she has been. I will do some checking today to see if she has. I have lots of mixed emotions about this. I like both of them. I just hope everything works out for the good. I would like for all that come here to see what I am doing to take a moment and give these to friends their prayers today. Today is a great day. We, celebrate or freedom. So today, thank not that we

have our freedom, but also thank the soldiers and civilians that help to keep it. It comes at great sacrifice sometimes. I am thankful that one day I will be able to shake the hand of this driver again, for there are some that I won't.

I am thinking of you all and hope that all is well there in the

Written by WhiteRose

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