I am coming home. It is not by my choice. My knee is what I am being sent home for. I saw a doctor today at the International Clinic. He seems to think that I may have a small teat in the knee. He wants me to have a MRI to check it out. I still have a bit of fluid on the knee and am having a burning sensation in it after I use the leg for a bit, not to mention that it feels like it is half out of place at times. They won’t let me do an MRI here in Kuwait. They say that I have to come home for it. The medic’s are holding onto my paperwork until tomorrow morning to give me some time to get all my things squared away and to say bye to several of my friends. I will probably be home within the next few days. I will be going to my Dad’s in Sparta, Tn. I am not sure at this time what all is going to take place. I won’t know until tomorrow,when they turn in my paperwork, and I talk to HR about it. So asking me questions at this time won’t be any good. I just don’t know right now. I will let everyone know what, where and when as soon as I know myself. I am sure that this will only be a temporary thing. I will be coming back to finish what I have started here.

Written by WhiteRose

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