I am doing as best as can be expected. A few days ago I was hooking my air lines up and slipped and hit my left knee on the frame rail. I have a cut on the knee cap and have bruised it pretty good. I am restricted from driving for 2/3 days. So I am sitting here at Anaconda. I can still CC missions as long as I have a driver. All CC’s are supposed to have drivers anyway. Reefers are the last hold outs for doing that. My boss isn’t giving me any hassle about it. He is being vary good and so are all the guys. I really hate being babied as much as they are trying to do. But it is nice to know that my guys will take care of me like I take care of them.

Well, I thought that since I was still sitting here in Anaconda I would tell ya’ll about what has happened so far this trip. I want to warn some of you that I know you are not going to like some of the things I have done. You can voice your opinion if you want, but I would not change any thing. I will stand up for my guys. Now with that said. Here we go.

As usual we caught a 0200 bus and took it to Arifjan. We were in NAVISTAR by 0600. On the way several of my guys told me that they were tired and would be glad to get there. When I questioned them as to why they were tired, since I sent them back to the Villa early the afternoon before, they said it was the sleeping arrangements at the Villa. There are about 15 to 20 guys in one Villa, sleeping on cots and having to share 1 shower. With as many Villas as there are at the Safir and only 2 of them having women in them, there is no since in this. When we got to NAVISTAR, I called my boss and safety and reported it. I also told them that I was writing this up. There is no reason that these guys should be crowed like that. I was just glad that we had several hours before we pushed from there to Cedar. We all got a nap and everyone felt better.

We pushed out of NAVISTAR around 14:00 and got into Cedar around 19:00. We all fueled and then everyone went their own way. The next morning, we got our shooters and escorts and rolled on to Scania. We had a nice quiet ride into Scania. When we got there we had to drop 7 pallets of ice off. The guys got that taken off, and we staged up for the push the next morning. While there, I ran into some of the guys from the 660th Trans that escorted me and my crew out to Al Asad a month ago. Once one saw me there, the word spread and they all had to come say hi. They have been looking for me and wanted to make sure that I was alive and unhurt during all that mess a few weeks ago. I was just as glad to see that they were all in one piece and unhurt. We had a nice visit. They told me that their CO told them in front of the whole group that I had sent word to make sure that they knew that I thanked them for all that they did for me and my guys and that we wanted them again. They thanked me for the good word.

The next morning we heard that a bridge was blown out just 5 miles north of the camp. That meant that we were going to have to take a different route. I wasn’t real sure about what route and how dangerous it would be. Finally about 14:30 we headed toward Anaconda. We had a whole passel of Striker Marines with us. We rolled 4 convoys about 5 min apart from each other. There were 3 tankers convoys and my little reefer convoy in the middle. It was a long ride and we didn’t get into here till after dark. We heard some small arms fire in one little town and that made my shooter nervous. I had shooters in all but 1 of my trucks. I had to keep one without a shooter so that if anyone was hit he had room to pick them up. Any way the small arms fire was from a Wedding that was going on. Thursdays are Wedding days. Then on down the road our escorts found an IED. They took us on the other side of the divided hi-way to get around it. Then about 8 miles before Anaconda there is a pontoon bridge across a river that we had to cross. Four of my guys messed up their bumpers on their trailers getting onto it. But it was a cool thing. I want to go across it in the daylight so I can get pictures of it. Course, with the way things are going over here, I will get that chance. We had a long day that day and when we finally got in here, I got our shooters a bus to take them back to their living quarters and told my guys to hit the hay.

Written by WhiteRose

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