I am at Cedar and it looks like we are going to be spending the day here. We have to del a load of ice here and one to Tallil. I think we are going to go over and see Abraham’s Tomb. I have been here 6 months and this will be the first time I have sat here and had time to go see it. So I am taking a few of the guys in my convoy and going later this morning.

Get this, on my first mission here back in September, I was rocked. And yesterday, my first mission back in reefers, I was rocked. I was the only one that was rocked. A bran new truck, on its first mission, and now I have a busted windshield. It’s not to bad though. I can see and do my job. I am running bobtail for the convoy and that is a little more exciting than just being a driver in the middle. I get to float around and try to keep everyone together. I gave the escorts some help with the TCN’s that were in the convoy yesterday. TCN’s have a bad habit of not keeping up and doing dumb stuff. When we got here to Cedar, a couple of the guys got out of their Humvee and blew me kisses and thanks. That was cool! I was glad that what little I did to help keep the TCN’s in line and caught up was such a help.

Just so everyone knows, this mission is going o be longer than 4 days. We have to del several loads of ice to different camps. In having to do that, we are not getting escorts out on the same day and having to wait till the next day. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from me. Everything is fine. I will get to ya’ll again soon.

pictures from the City if Ur

Written by WhiteRose

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