I was going to send out pictures of one of my guys from TDC and his truck that was hit by an IED, but I got the call last night that I am headed out this am myself. Just a note, the driver that was hit with the IED is fine. There were no injuries. They got back yesterday and I saw the crew. Even though I am no longer at TDC, I still care about these guys and gal. I was lucky enough to be at the TTMF yard when they came in. So I got to see for my own 2 eyes that they were ok.

As for myself, I will be gone for 4 to 7 days. So don’t everyone freak if you don’t hear from me for a bit. I will try to send out an email from one of the camps while I am gone. Ya’ll take care an I will tell ya the story when I get back.

my truck – had them remove the cage over the windshield

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