Today was my first day back in reefers. And what a day it was. We loaded one trailer of ice. And it took 10 of us to do it. Well that isn’t really right. There were 10 of us there, just standing around.

We had to wash out 3 of the straight truck reefers and we loaded one tractor/trailer. The ice plant at Arifjan can only produce 1 1/2 loads of ice in a day. And the rest of the ice plants that are being built in Iraq are the same way. They will never keep up with the demand that we are going to have later this summer.

As for my moving north….that is on hold. Right now I will be running loaded trailers north to different camps and coming back and doing it again. So I will stay living here in Kuwait for a while. How long depends on how long it takes for the new trucks to come in and for us to get all the trailers in place. But like I said about the ice plants keeping up later, we are going to have to supplement that some how. So depending on how things go I may never move north, I may just run north. Only time will tell. I can tell I am back in reefers. I don’t know what we are going to do from one day to the next. But is nice to be back with the guys! It was like a family gathering. There aren’t to many of us older reefer hands left that came back to reefers. And some of these guys I have not seen in a while. I was a good day. I can’t wait to start running north again and see how much has changed. I know it has, I hear tails of it. The camps are getting bigger and better. It wont be long and I will have another 600 pictures to send to Mary to sort through for the web site.

I am going to let ya’ll go now and play on line for a bit. I bought myself a birthday present, this computer, and I want to play with it some more before bedtime. Ya’ll take care and have a great day.

Written by WhiteRose

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